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Welcome To Reality

In Miscellaneous on October 14, 2011 at 5:07 am

Hello. By now, I’m sure many of you have heard of Conservapedia, the conservative version of Wikipedia. In case you’ve somehow missed this though, I suppose I’ll fill you in.

Conservapedia was founded by attorney and home-school teacher Andrew Schlafly. It is intended to be a “conservative, family-friendly Wiki encyclopedia” ( Supposedly, Schlafly realized that Wikipedia contained liberal and anti-Christian biases when a student in his home schooling program turned in a paper with the markings “BCE” and “CE”, as opposed to “BC” and “AD” (despite the fact that this new system of denominating eras was agreed upon by historians in an attempt to remove bias against non-Christians, and was not invented by Wikipedia). Since its founding, it has become a haven for inaccurate information, birthers, young-earthers, geocentrists, and ad hominem attacks against everything that isn’t conservative and Christian, among other things. It has also inspired a slew of “reality has a liberal bias” jokes, which, in light of much of the information on Conservapedia, are funny because, well, they’re true. And to be honest, I sometimes have a hard time believing that Conservapedia isn’t just a very well disguised and extremely detailed piece of satire. Oh, if only. Read the rest of this entry »